A Viable Animism

Why the Worldview That Will Save Our Planet is More Credible Than the One That is Destroying it



The Bomb That White Dropped (I) 3

In which an astronaut tells of a cosmic epiphany, and the themes of this book get a scholarly christening.


The Good Bishop 6

In which famine depletes a wig-powder supply, and matter depends on the hand and the eye.


Saint David 14

In which states lay down limits and drivers obey them, and science is based on intractable mayhem.


Zombies, Armadillos and Square Roots 22

In which specters and swamp creatures spook the academy, and bats are much more than their neural anatomy.


Ravens, Elk and Magic Bullets 31

In which a starving man drinks from the teats of a moose, and frames of reference determine truths.


Zooming Out and Zooming In 46

In which apples and oranges are summed, and measurement obscures what comes.


To Be or Not To Be 60

In which Peugeot produces a brand new car, and existence is simply what you are.


We’ll Always Have Paris 72

In which Holmes hears no barks and uncovers a horse with them, and Cartesians are guilty of anthropomorphism.


The Bomb That White Dropped (II) 81

In which Francis the pope says what Francis, his guide, would, and we all can return to our animist childhood.


The Noble Savage, or: Was It No Better in the Past? 89

Notes 91

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