Error and Loss


Error and Loss digs out and exposes a fundamental assumption deeply buried both in common thought and in materialist philosophy: that reason transcends its evolutionary pedigree, allowing us to speak coherently of a reality divorced from all experience. As we have moved from a religious to a scientific explanation of our cosmos this error has led directly to a terrible loss—the disenchantment that pervades our age. Yet when we dare to stare the error in the face all variants of materialism self-destruct, and the world we live in, the world of trees and rocks and stars and animals and other human beings, receives its once unquestioned magic back.

Error and Loss is a philosophical work of play and parable and paradox, a detective story that uncovers what has deadened our connection to our universe, then offers up both restoration and a reconciliation with the thought of ages past.

Kommode Press, 2019

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